The focus is the realization of a temporary branch in El Segundo. The S.Y.L.A.H.Q. concept can be easily implemented anywhere with relatively little logistical effort. The exhibition "El Segundissimo" in the MeSMoA is a suitable framework to present the S.Y.L.A.H.Q concept. Of course, a sustainable development of the project in El Segundo is welcome, in the hope of establishing a permanent location. S.Y.L.A.H.Q. / El Segundo An exemplary exhibition season is planned for the period between 11 March 2017 and 17 September 2017. A suitable location for the exhibitions, concerts or readings, has not been found at the present time. The exhibition timing is set in tandem with the S.Y.L.A.H.Q. in Bonn. Through regional marketing, including local arts academies, as well as through existing contacts, demand has been confirmed. As a rule, confirmations of a right to reside will be communicated three months before the start of an exhibition season. (See also dossier, exhibition season) ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANIZATION The administration and organization of S.Y.L.A.H.Q. in El Segundo could be managed by one or more persons. Having understood the principle of the concept, practically anyone is suitable for this task. WORK GRANTS S.Y.L.A.H.Q. in El Segundo is also planning to award work grants. COLLECTION A part of the S.Y.L.A.H.Q.COLLECTION is accessible to the public. Small-scale works such as drawings, paintings, prints and graphics are presented and stored in an archive cabinet. Information on the various S.Y.L.ARTISTS and their work is also accessible in folders. RETROSPECTIVE The RETROSPECTIVE will be the final exhibition. All S.Y.L.ARTISTS and grantees will present their artistic positions. The RETROSPECTIVE provides an important overview of the work of S.Y.L.A.H.Q. The strictly chronological presentation gives each work an appropriate "framework" for "objective" consideration. Each work will be selected exclusively by the artists themselves.